lincoln – fresh 48 | phoenix birth photographer | jen roberts

there are going to be a number of big changes coming in the weeks ahead (can’t wait to share!) and i am thrilled to be introducing this first in a whole new array of session options! you may be wondering, WHAT ON EARTH is fresh 48? :)

fresh 48 is a session with a documentary style approach, held within the first two days of your baby’s life.  these sessions are an alternate option to birth photography for some or an addition for others, a beautiful accompanyment to newborn and maternity sessions and a fantastic, artistic way to round out the way you choose to document the first few days of your baby’s life.  these unique sessions take place at the hospital, birth center or even your home and beautifully capture those little details, first meetings and moments that, in the haze of new parenthood, we so quickly forget.

meet lincoln.  on his birth day.



lincoln | mesa newborn photographer | jen roberts

lincoln’s newborn session.  such handsome little guy!  (although i may be a bit biased as he is my nephew!;))  that dimpled chin is irresistible!  had so much fun meeting him for the first time at his fresh 48 session and loved this time we spent together just as much!











maren | mesa newborn photographer | jen roberts

sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for….meet maren true.  i do believe her loving parents would agree that she was most definitely worth the wait.






the happiest baby on the block | mesa baby photographer | jen roberts

meet justin. he is seriously one of the MOST loved, happiest little babies i know. not a surprise when you get to know his family. with two teenage siblings who absolutely dote on him, a dad who is really just a kid in in a man’s body (sorry rick…you know it’s true;)) and his mom…gorgeous, funny, considerate…and she’s got one of the best laughs i have ever heard….infectious, fun, free. just like she is.

these are some of my very favorite sessions…babes just before they get big enough to run away…snuggling & giggling with their mamas. love.

IMG_2286 IMG_2291 IMG_2380 IMG_2396

i had so much fun jenny!  can’t wait to show you the rest.


are you the praying kind? | mesa maternity photographer | jen roberts

i am. and if you are (or even if your aren’t) i would so appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, warm feelings and healing energy sent to my dear little sister. she is expecting her 1st. a little girl. and things have not gone quite as planned. tonight she is in the hospital, 7 weeks before her due date, being monitored because her little ladybug has complications from a serious heart defect discovered just weeks ago….

and so…we hope, we wait and we pray for a miracle. to read more of my talented sister’s story… here.



i love you so much amy!  with god, all things are possible.